5 Businesses in Brooklyn That Are Killing the Marketing Game

Business is booming in Brooklyn. From startups to long-standing companies, the allure of Brooklyn’s cheaper rent and plentiful office space make it a highly popular place to run a Brooklyn Business. But there’s more to being successful than having an awesome location, and these days digital marketing is one of the most important steps to success. So, how do you know when your digital marketing strategy is spot on?


Here are 5 Brooklyn-based businesses: that have figured out the strategic sweet spot, and are finding enormous success from it.

1. Kickstarter

Kickstarter began in Brooklyn back in 2009 to very little fanfare or attention. But since its beginning, Kickstarter has become likely the most popular crowdfunding platform available. It’s raised over 10 billion dollars for various projects, and given rise to many other successful companies.Kickstarter has had a strong digital marketing strategy from the get-go. They’ve had strong objectives from the beginning, and they haven’t been afraid to share that with the consumer. This lack of sales pitch and deception has enabled users to see how each step of the process works, right from the very beginning. Authenticity and transparency like this is highly effective in any marketing strategy, and Kickstarter has used it to great success.

In digital marketing, it’s so important to track and measure your progress. You have to learn from your mistakes, and change whatever’s not working.The founders of Kickstarter have done just this, with the idea actually coming about first in 2001. But the idea was revisited, reworked and refined until its launch in 2009 when it really took off. The founders understood the value of revisiting an idea over and over again until it was perfect. Another key aspect of their digital marketing is their clever use of language.They’ve steadfastly avoided treating their customers like cash cows, carefully choosing words like �collaborative artistry’ and �backer’ instead of �donor’, to really bring the consumer into the crowdfunding process instead of just on the sidelines.

2. Call9 Medical New York

Call9 is the innovative answer to calling 911. Starting in Silicon Valley before it moved to Brooklyn, Call9 has disrupted the emergency calling system as we know it and integrated a highly-advanced, modern technology platform in its place. The heart of Call9’s purpose is to minimize cost, time and patient frustration in the hours spent at an Emergency Department – or even the need to visit one – for nursing home and rehabilitation patients by remotely connecting patients to physicians through telemedicine, allowing treatment to occur without the patient ever having to leave their care center.

Call9’s key success can be found both in its willingness to completely disrupt the status quo and the obvious care and passion for the company’s core purpose. On the digital marketing side of things, their website is a seamless display of all the finest aspects of their company. It’s both heartfelt and informative, and you quickly get a feel not only for their drive and motivation but for the benefits they can bring too. While they’re a technology-based company, they’ve also been careful to emphasize the human connectivity of their system, and in a world where consumers are growing tired of dealing with robotics and automation, this is a very clever move.


3. Vice Media Brooklyn Office

Vice Media is a notable example of a long-running organization that has managed to find continued success throughout the changing landscape of business. It began in 1994, coming from Montreal as a take-over of the similarly named Vice Magazine and undertaking dramatic rebranding to become Vice Media, a digital media and broadcasting company. The expansion included branching out into other fields like digital media, a news division, a film production studio and a record label, just to name a few.

Vice Media has experienced success in attracting the colossal beast that is the Millennial generation. How have they done this? By making sure they didn’t forget one of the most important steps towards successful digital marketing: knowing your audience. The Vice website is very heavily tailored to their desired readership by using their language and knowing what they’re reading/watching/listening to, using that as a focal point. While it might seem like a disadvantage to cater towards one certain market, when it comes to a digital marketing strategy, it’s really the best thing you can do. Creating a niche website that is tailored towards a particular demographic allows your customer to see you as an authoritative source of information, which is something Vice Media has done to enormous success.


4. Mindbodygreen Brooklyn

Mindbodygreen is one of the most successful independent digital media companies that are dedicated to living a natural, holistic lifestyle. The publication has won awards and cemented itself as an authority on health and wellness, experiencing a wealth of success as a result. Mindbodygreen has a very strong digital presence, and one of the best aspects of their marketing is the implementation of a subscriber sign up on the website. Using prompts like this is a highly effective way of giving your audience a call-to-action by encouraging them to sign up for newsletters and other media, giving them a reward while giving your company a better chance at reaching any digital marketing campaign goals you’ve set.

The encouraging company-to-consumer connection is another highly effective approach that Mindbodygreen is utilizing, as they’re active on social media with a solid following across all major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. They’ve also got a podcast, which is yet another way to modernize the company and broaden their audience. Mindbodygreen’s website also makes use of beautiful imagery to complement the rich content, and their branding is strong and memorable with its uniformity in font, logo and colour scheme. When used correctly, as mindbodygreen have done, all these things contribute to a very successful digital marketing strategy.

5. goTenna Brooklyn Location

GoTenna is a clever little communications tool that threatens to wipe out the need for a cent-infrastructure structure like cellphone towers and Wi-Fi routers. Founded in 2013 as a result of the communication outage of cellphones and Internet services that occurred after Hurricane Sandy, goTenna’s aim is to build what they’re calling “people-powered peer-to-peer communication systems.”

GoTenna’s genius lies in the simplicity of their idea. They recognized a gap in the market and devised the perfect answer to the question their consumers hadn’t even asked yet. Part of a smart digital marketing strategy is paying close attention to industry and consumer needs, and goTenna has found success through doing just that. This pop-up method of Internet connectivity was funded by Kickstarter and uses vibrant, catchy branding and on-trend language to attract customers. The overall feel of their site and branding puts an air of authority onto their audience, creating this sense of power and trust in a product that can be held, quite literally, in the palm of their hands. By taking note of what consumers want and providing that in a neat, attractive package, it’s no wonder goTenna has experienced such success.