The Easiest and Most Effective SEO Checklist You Will Ever Need

Download here: On Page SEO Simple Checklist  

  • Title Tag- The closer the keyword is to the beginning of the title the better. Start your title with your keyword.
  • SEO Friendly URLS- Avoid ugly urls like,
  • Make your page’s URL short and keyword rich:
  • I.e: KW Target is Brooklyn Dentist. You would want to create a inner page that would like this. or like our Brooklyn SEO page.
  • *Adding Title Modifiers like “best”, “how to”, “review” can help you rank for long tail keywords.
    • H1 Tag: Title in your <H1> Tag. You want to wrap your title within your H1 tag. For example, “Let Us Show You Why we are the Best Brooklyn Dentist”
    • Strong Images, Videos and Multimedia- increase engagement, time on site and reduces bounce rate.
  • H2 tags- Include your target in the H2 Tag. But mix it up! Example: “5 Start Dentist In Brooklyn”
    • Keyword in First 100 Words- Your keyword should appear in the first 100 words of your article.
    • Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design- Google is cracking way down on non-mobile friendly websites. If you are failing Google Mobile test, chances are you are losing rankings.
    • Outbound Links- Using outbound links that go to relevant websites signal to Google that your website is about the topic. Example: If your page is about running shoes, link out to Nike Run Club.
  • Internal Links- Add 2-3 internal links to your page or post. A great example is Wikipedia. These are links that go to other places on your site. (SEO reason: can share link juice and traffic throughout your site).
    • Website Speed– Google is also cracking down on website speed. 3 seconds or less is where you need to be. How do I speed up my site?
  • LSI Keywords and Keyword Density- These keywords are synonyms to your main keyword. It helps Google determine the relevancy of the page. Mix it up. You don’t want more than 1 keyword or LSI per 100 words. (Better to start less aggressive and dial it up if need be. Instead of dialling it down after you are over optimized).
    • Image Optimization- Make sure image file names include your target keywords. And your keyword is in the <Alt> tag.
    • Use Social Sharing- There is no direct link between social signals helping your rankings, but it does increase your chances of getting more eyeballs on your page and getting a backlink.
  • Post Long Content- Google LOVES content. The longer the posts the better. They rank higher.