Full Moon Rising Farm Case Study

Tripled Revenue Increase In 2 Months


Meet the Client: For a quick overview, Full Moon Rising Farm is a 10-acre farm that offers a variety of Summer Camp Programs. They provide unique programs to kids ages 5-16 that include farm and wilderness activities. They were founded in 1997 and have been hosting summer camps ever since. They came to use because they were needing to grow.

The Problem: FMRF was well established as a reputable summer camp. However, they had hit a plateau over the years in the number of sign-ups they received.

The Solution: Remodel FMRF’s entire web presence matching their online appearance with their brand reputation. Once this was complete an SEO campaign was put in place to rank them to the top of page 1 for a variety of commercially valuable keywords that are going to bring them more camp sign-ups.


We started months in advance to ensure they were positioned well before the beginning of Camp Season.

By the time sign up season rolled around they were ready to rock!


Check out the results

We drove the traffic way up


*Our keyword targets were hyper-Local.*

We ranked them number 1 in Google Maps and number 1 in Organic

*The Founder let us know later that their Revenue increase by 30k not 20k*

With the increase in traffic came a huge increase in camp sign-ups. 

Leading to a record year for Full Moon Rising Farm. They crushed their revenue goal by 3X!