Dental Office Bookkeeping Case Study

Page 1 Domination


Meet the Client: Dental Office Bookkeeping is a bookkeeping firm offering industry-specific virtual bookkeeping solutions for Dentists.

The Problem: Dental Office Bookkeeping was new to the industry and needed a powerful start. They had an outdated website and a small client base. The wanting to come to the market strong.

The Solution: Deliver a new website that was more professional, optimized and with a better user experience.  Once complete, deploy a strong SEO campaign to increase their Google rankings, drive more traffic and more leads.

In just a few months of working together. We took them from the depths of the web to the top of page 1 for numerous commercial keywords. Increasing their keyword exposure by 300%.

Check out the results

We targeted a handful of keywords that would bring the best ROI.


With the increase in traffic came way more phone calls and leads.