Dandy Kat Case Study

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Meet the Client: Dandykat.com is a popular fast food restaurant blog. From Nov 2016 to now we exploded their traffic to over 60,000 monthly visitors.

The Problem: Dandy Kat had an enormous amount of high-quality content about different popular restaurants, nutritional menu options, fan-favorites and more. The issue? No one was reading it. They needed to increase their Google rankings, increase their traffic and get more visitors engaging with their content.

The Solution: For such a competitive niche we had to build Dandykat up as an authority website to rank high in Google. Help them acquire 100s of high-quality backlinks through our content outreach, organic content promotion, link outreach and link building campaigns.


Check out the results

With the increase in traffic came big monetization opportunities for companies to pay DK for advertising and product promotion.