Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is SEO?

A: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is everything we do to your website to make your website rank higher on Google. This is done so by optimizing the website itself a certain way that it sends signals to Google like “hey I am a relevant website for my service in this location”. There are many different types of SEO and many different tactics. Every project, industry and niche can require different tactics but the fundamentals are relatively the same.


Q: What is CPC?

A: Cost Per Click- read more here.


Q: Can you guarantee rankings?

A: Yes. We guarantee that we can get you on page 1 of Google. We can’t guarantee the top spot although more often than not, this is what we achieve. The reason we cant guarantee #1 rankings is that Google is a machine (a beastly one) and anomalies occur far too often.


Q: How much does SEO Cost?

A: Cost of SEO differs from project to project. This is because different clients have different goals, request different keyword rankings and have a different web presence each time. The cost of SEO is typically determined by the Keywords you wish to rank for. A simple formula to determine the cost of SEO is:

Keyword Monthly Volume X .30 X Avg CPC = Traffic Value of that Keyword.

We then take that Traffic Value and multiply it by .30 and that will give a rough estimate of how much SEO costs per said keyword. A few other factors come into play to determine price. Please contact us for questions.

SEO costs WAY less longterm than AdWords or Paid Advertising.

Q: How do I know you will do what you say you can do?

A: Our Results speak for themselves. In addition to having numerous #1 rankings ourselves. We have an overwhelming amount testimonials, case studies and client results to back up our claims.

Q: Are you licensed?

A: Kinda- there is no license or formal training to learn SEO. However, we are certified Googe Partners and follow all industry best practices. At the end of the day what matters are results and we get them.

Q: What are you doing to my Website exactly?

A: I truly believe in transparent services, however, there is no degree in SEO. It takes years to of learning and building the knowledge, skills and systems to execute properly. The gritty details of our methods are mostly proprietary and our intellectual property. That being said, I pretty much give away our strategy here.


Q: Can you send me how many hours a week you are working on my web presence?

A: No. Our work is results based. You pay for results. If for some reason you are unhappy with the results we are getting you. You may cancel at any time.


Q: How do I know you are doing anything to my website?

A: We implement a variety of tools to monitor the progress of our campaigns during our time together. Traffic, rankings, CTR, calls, and heat map tracking.


Q: How do I monitor the rankings and work you do?

A: You will have access to a 24/7 portal to observed how your rankings are doing. In addition, we send out monthly reports to review together.



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