About Me

I am a digital marketing consultant and entrepreneur. Specializing in search engine marketing, and website design. My focus is growing businesses using organic and paid traffic methods. 


While SEO has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. Our team has proven to stay ahead and on the leading edge of traffic getting methods.

Me and my team handle search campaigns for 5, 6, and 7 figure clients in beauty, fashion, nutrition, health, law, medical,  tech and more. I got started in 2015 and since then have helped generate millions of dollars in sales for my clients, using SEO and PPC advertising.


The Start

I started my marketing career while I was still serving in the Military. In between duties I would fire up my laptop and consume everything I could learn about search engine marketing. I was fortunate enough to find mentorship from some incredible SEOs and marketers.

After starting out on my own in 2015 I later acquired a partnership with a company called The SEO Dentist, a dental marketing agency. There I head the client relations and sales team. My energy is now shared between The SEO Dentist and consulting for companies.

Personal Life

I am originally from the Seattle area but live and work in Williamsburg New York with my wife. 


 Let’s talk.

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Sage Mauk

Sage Mauk


I am a partner at Serp.co. We are a Team of subject matter experts teaching, developing and executing real campaigns every day.

Each member is dedicated to their craft and empowered to think aggressively.