About Sage

Sage is a digital marketing consultant and entrepreneur. Specializing in SEO, Google Ads and website design. His focus is getting businesses more traffic online.


SEO Expert

While the industry of SEO has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. Sage’s team has proven to stay ahead and on the leading edge of traffic getting methods.

Sage has helped dozens of companies grow using the internet. His clientele includes ecommerce brands, start ups, tech companies, doctors and local businesses. Since starting in 2015. He has generated millions of dollars in sales for his clients, using SEO and PPC advertising.


The Start

Sage Mauk started his marketing his career while he was still serving in the US Military. In between duties he would fire up his laptop and start consuming everything he could learn about search engine marketing. He was fortunate to find mentorship with some of the top players in the industry and learn from the very best SEOs and marketers.

After starting his first company in 2015 he later acquired partnership in a company called The SEO Dentist, a dental marketing agency. There he leads the client relations and sales team.


Personal Life

Sage is originally from the Seattle area and currently lives in and works in Williamsburg New York.



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Since starting I’ve helped dozens of businesses, generating multiple 7 figures in online sales. I want to do the same for you.