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We offer beautiful and comprehensive Web Design. Every project has a unique feel and design, customized to fit the client’s needs.


We use cutting edge Search Engine Optimization Methods. Each project gets a strategy tailored to fit you and your businesses needs. Our clients see more Google Traffic than ever before.

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Lets be honest. Your online and offline image matters. Let us help you take control of it.

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Everyday customers are searching for your product or service on Google. In today’s world, if you are not on the top of the first page, you practically don’t exist and are missing out on the opportunity to serve them. Not only that but you could also be missing out on thousands of dollars worth of revenue for your business. We want to change that. Stop losing customers to your competition and Get Found Today.

“Our Mission is to get every business owner we meet in front of their optimal customer, while giving them the exposure and impact their business deserves.” -Sage

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    We help biz reach their financial goals swiftly and affordably.

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    Watch as your business grows as your digital leads turn into happy buyers or clients for your products and services.

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    Month-to-month contracts. If you’re paying for results and you arent happy, why should you have to stick around?

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    We Send you monthly updates on important updates, news and ranking reports. We maintain a high level of communication with each client, to insure they receive the best service possible.

  • Dominate Google

    We have teamed up with the best SEOs and marketers in the world, to give Your Brand the impact it deserves.

  • Protect Your Reputation

    Don’t let negative reviews and false accusations tarnish your image online and offline. We can help you get more 5 star reviews.


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So why is SEO important?

of Google traffic goes to websites on page one.

US consumers trust a local business more after reading positive online reviews

of all google searches are mobile. is your site mobile ready?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for ranking businesses on search engine programs such as Google, Bing and Yahoo Search. Businesses that provide similar services are usually ranked according to how much effort the business owners have put on SEO. This means that for your online business to appear on the top 10 pages of Google and other search engines, you must invest in effective SEO and other internet marketing programs.

Why Choose Our Brooklyn SEO Services?

Our Brooklyn SEO Agency offers are primarily designed to rank businesses that sell similar services in the local area. Our local Brooklyn SEO company optimization experts will help you come up with effective SEO strategies that will boost your rankings on search engines so that when people key-in certain keywords on Google, Bing or Yahoo Search, your company will pop up on the first page of the programs and therefore provide you with new clients daily. Our Brooklyn SEO Expert mainly target the local market but we can also customize the SEO approach to include neighboring towns if your business operates there too. We will help you come up with compelling website contents, effective keyword analysis, top-notch link-building options and attractive homepage details. We also create attractive Meta descriptions for each of your web pages and use latest Google Analytics to place keywords and key-phrases in positions where they will be most effective. Issues such as keyword density and how to use LSI targets effectively are also well addressed by our team of SEO specialists. We will help you distribute your page contents to thousands of locations in the World Wide Web and create useful back-links that will surely direct a lot of clients to your online business. Other services such as comparing link metrics and tracking your website ranking progress on search engines are also worth mentioning. These services will help you get in control of SEO marketing analytics by simplifying basic algorithms before providing you with useful feedback that will help you improve on areas that are hurting your web pages’ rankings on search engines. But, why exactly should you hire us? Does your business need SEO services in 2016? Here are some top reasons that will make you understand why SEO services are important.

Top 5 Reasons a Business Needs SEO in 2016

1. Improved Ranking on Search Engines

SEO can help your online business appear on the first pages of search engine programs such as Google. Perhaps this is the most obvious reason why a business needs SEO in 2016. However, many business owners tend to ignore the fact that appearing on the top pages of search engines can help you attract potential clients for your goods or services. Without effective SEO strategies, your competitors will win a big number of internet users who would have reached you through a simple search on Google or any other search engines. The latest ranking algorithms provided by search engine programs focus so much on how much effort you put on SEO. This means that you will have to produce top-quality web content that is keyword-rich and excellent grammar for your pages to rank high on search engines. SEO companies can help you do all these at a small fee.

2. Effective SEO Strategies Can Help You Come Up With Easily-Sharable Web Content

Search Engine Optimization is not all about improving rankings on search engines to increase sales. Sometimes the content generated by SEO experts can be helpful when you need to share a new product or an update with your clients. This is particularly true if you link your SEO content with social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Remember that our Brooklyn SEO Firm does the research for most of your website content and then come up with compelling content in attractive headings that you will find useful to share with your followers on social media platforms. This builds trust between you and your clients and hence helps in keeping them loyal to your services for long.

3. SEO provides Good Return-On- Investment (ROI)

Comparing how much money you invest on SEO and the profits you will gain after a successful optimization campaign, it is quite clear that SEO is good for online businesses. Most SEO companies provide affordable services that even the smallest of businesses can afford. The returns on investment after a successful SEO campaign are outstanding for both small and big business enterprises. It is important to note that some of the optimization strategies can be done by the business website owners at the comfort of their home and thus cuts production costs effectively. This simple nature of SEO and the awesome benefits it brings about is a top reason why your business needs SEO in 2016.

4. SEO Exploits Weak Competition and Humbles Big Business Competitors

Businesses that have not yet embraced SEO in 2016 have no chance of competing with those that are well incorporated in the SEO marketing system. Do you know how much profits businesses lose every year just because their web content do not appear on the first ten pages of Google or other search engines? Embracing SEO strategies can help your business take advantage of such situations to grow and become a household brand as your competition lags behind. In cases where there are established SEO service users among your business competitors, embracing the latest optimization strategies can help your business grow to the level of the competition or even surpass and humble them in their own turf. This is a big reason why you should start your journey towards search engine optimization today. SEO programs provide an awesome opportunity to take your business to the next level of marketing.

5. Search Engine Optimization is the Future of Online Marketing

Every year new SEO algorithms are introduced to help businesses perform better. What will happen to your online business if you stopped seeking SEO services in the years to come? The answer is obvious; your business competitors will surpass you on rankings and online visibility. This means that you need SEO services every year. You can start in 2016 but please do not stop until when you will officially unwind your business operations. SEO is the future of online marketing; therefore no business should risk not including SEO strategies in its internet marketing programs.

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If you are looking for a Brooklyn SEO Company look no further. Hire our the SEO experts at Sage Mauk SEM, today and we will help you grow your business to the level best you dream of every day. Our Internet marketing experts are well trained in effective SEO strategies for the year 2017 and will most definitely help you come up with sales-generating content that will increase profits in a big way.

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